The Hawaiian Journal of History

The Hawaiian Journal of History, first published in 1967, is an annual scholarly journal devoted to original articles on the history of Hawai‘i, Polynesia, and the Pacific area.

Each issue includes articles on a variety of subjects; illustrations; book reviews; notes and queries; and a bibliography of recent Hawaiiana titles of historical interest. The Journal is available for purchase in many bookstores and may be ordered directly from the Society for $20 plus postage.

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Submission Guidelines

To be considered for publication in The Hawaiian Journal of History, please view and follow these submission guidelines.

Current Issue

Volume 51 (2017)
Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Hawaiian Historical Society


  • The 125th Anniversary of the Hawaiian Historical Society, by Shari Y. Tamashiro
  • The Gospel Roots of “Hawaiʻi Aloha”, by Ralph Thomas Kam
  • Queen Liliʻuokalani’s Beloved Kawaiahaʻo Seminary by Sandra Bonura
  • A Royal Traveler: American Press Coverage of King Kalākaua’s 1881 Trip
  • Around the World by Douglas Askman
  • Provocation and Angst: FDR, Japan, Pearl Harbor, and the Entry into War in the Pacific by Paul S. Burtness and Warren U. Ober
  • Bishop Mitsumyo Tottori: Patriotism Through Buddhism During World War II by Kelli Nakamura
  • William Mark Waddoups and His Kalaupapa Connection by Fred E. Woods

On the cover of volume 51:
In recognition of the 125 th anniversary of the Hawaiian Historical Society, this year’s cover features the Society’s logo. Artist Linda Oszajca created the design in 1977 using elements from an older logo.