The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 45 (2011)


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  • A Postal to the Past: Property Taxes in the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, by Thomas A. Woods
  • The Legacy of ʻĀinahau: The Genealogy of Kaʻiulani’s Banyan, by Ralph Thomas Kam
  • “Violence and Press Incendiarism”: Media and Labor Conflicts in the 1909 Strike, by Kelli Y. Nakamura
  • Huna, Max Freedom Long, and the Idealization of William Brigham, by Makana Risser Chai
  • “An Everlasting Scar”: Civilian Internment on Wartime Kauaʻi, by Alan Rosenfeld
  • Historical Views on Mauna Kea: From the Vantage Points of Hawaiian Culture and Astronomical Research, by Joseph E. Ciotti

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