The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 43 (2009)


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  • Kalanimoku: Iron Cable of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1769–1827, by Barbara Del Piano
  • The Story Behind the Headstone: The Life of William Kanui, by Douglas Warne
  • Numerals: Hawaiian Kingdom Stamps that Fill a Need and Fascinate Collectors Worldwide, 1859–1866, by Keith J. Steiner
  • Foster Botanic Garden, 1853–1990: Contributions of a Doctor, a Donor, a Forester, and a Park Architect, by Rhoda E.A. Hackler
  • “Cure the dread disease”: 19th Century Attempts to Treat Leprosy in the Hawaiian Islands, by Kerri A. Inglis
  • Commemorating the Grand Army of the Republic in Hawaiʻi: 18820-1930, by Ralph Thomas Kam
  • “Aole Hoohui ia Hawaii”: U.S. Collegiate Teams Debate Annexation of Hawaiʻi and Independence Prevails, 1893 to 1897, by Ronald C. Williams, Jr.
  • Wally Fujiyama and the University of Hawaiʻi: 1974–1982, by T. Michael Holmes

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