The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 42 (2008)


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  • “None of Them Came for Me:” The Kapiʻolani Home for Girls, 1885–1938, by Janine M. Richardson
  • Davida Malo’s Unpublished Account of Keōpūolani, by Charles Langlas and Jeffrey Lyon
  • “Earnest Persuasion but Not Peremptory Demand:” United States Government Policy toward the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, 1820-1863, by Rhoda E. A. Hackler
  • The British Press Greets the King of the Sandwich Islands: Kamehameha II in London, 1824, by J. Susan Corley
  • Early Hawaiian Newspapers and Kanaka Maoli Intellectual History, 1834–1855, by Noenoe K. Silva, with the Assistance of Iokepa Badis
  • A Most Influential Mormon Islander: Jonathan Hawaii Napela, by Fred E. Woods
  • Hawaiʻi’s Forgotten Crop: Corn on Maui, 1851–1951, by Dawn E. Duensing
  • Her Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition: An Examination of the English-Language Version of Robert Wilcox’s the Liberal, 1892–1893, by Douglas V. Askman
  • A Murder, a Trial, a Hanging: The Kapea Case of 1897–1898, by Esther K. Arinaga & Caroline A. Garrett
  • Defining the Role of College Professor: John Mason Young and the Early Years of the College of Hawaii, by Barbara Furstenberg
  • Fighting the Second World War in Paradise with a Bat and Glove: Major League Baseball Comes to Hawaiʻi, by Jennifer Day Tope

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